Transborder Orkestra

Inspired by the «Music, no Borders!» projects that Jonglirium e.V. organises through ERASMUS+, we invited people who sing or play a musical instrument and who wanted to share perspectives on the topic of migration and refugees, to create a musical performance group that embraces cultural diversity and transcends nationalities. The Transborder Orkestra convened in Halle, Germany, from 29 June to 8 July, 2018 with 30 people from Turkey, Spain and Germany, including refugees and other migrants from Syria, Palestine, Kurdistan, Italy, Belgium, the USA, England and France, who are living in the program countries. Through song, dance, delicious meals, stories and discussions, we shared personal and collective impressions of our cultures. We hope that we also raised awareness for LGBTIQ+ people in our communities. The finale was a concert in Peissnitzhaus and we brought music in the public spaces of the city center

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