FSL WC-802, 809, 824, 825, 827

Sustainanable Agriculture/Culture/Education Camp Code: FSL WC-802, 809, 824, 825, 827.


Kundapur is a town situated near the beach on the west coast of Karnataka state, and is very close to the Western Ghats (a mountain range). The Western Ghats is India’s prime zone for bio-diversity and known for its animal and plant species. FSL-India has been involved in developing projects for many years in this region and has now formed a very strong network of local partners and local volunteers. FSL-India initiates development interventions in partnership with the local NGOs and civil society organisations in this area.

The Camp:

The focus of the camp is providing field based, learning knowledge on sustainable agriculture and introduce creative learning methods in schools. FSL-India will directly implement these methods with the network of farmers’ club, women’s groups and school management of 20 satellite villages in and around FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living.

Down to the Grassroots (cont’d) Activities:

  • Field work on sustainable agricultural practices
  • Teach basic English at a local school
  • Introduce creative learning through art, music, games etc
  • Promote health & hygiene awareness in schools
  • Promote eco-friendly practices
  • Nature walk to learn about plants and their medicinal values
  • Beachwalk
  • Sea turtle awareness creation (only for WC-802)

Leisure Activities:

  • Visit to cultural and religious sites
  • Family visit as part of inter-cultural learning
  • Participate in the cultural programs with local community


  • Kundapur is located 440 kms north-west of Bangalore, near the Arabian sea and 91 kms north of Mangalore.


Nearest international airport – Bangalore & Mangalore 

  • Nearest railway station – Kundapur
  • Bus services available from – Bangalore, Mangalore & Goa
  • The exact meeting point will be mentioned in the info sheet


At FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living, with shared rooms