PRO-A1 Marburg-Stadtwald 29.02.-14.03. 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-A2 Marburg-Stadtwald 21.03.-04.04. 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-A3 Marburg-Stadtwald 11.04.-25.04. 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-A4 Marburg-Stadtwald 06.06.-20.06. 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-A5 Marburg-Stadtwald 21.06.-04.07. 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-A6 Marburg-Stadtwald 05.07.-18.07. 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-A7 Marburg-Stadtwald 15.08.-29.08. 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-A8 Marburg-Stadtwald 30.08.-12.09. 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-A9 Marburg-Stadtwald 13.09.-26.09. 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German

Language: exclusively German

Project: Host organization is the municipality of Marburg. It is a workcamp including German language training. In general – also during excursion – there will be focus on language and culture/history of Germany/Europe. Lectures will be two hours per day / 18 hours in total (excluding Saturday and Sunday). The training content: Conversation training, Intercultural Diversities, History of Germany/Europe and Indo-European languages (“word-nests”), Grammar.

Work: Participants will be doing various manual works to prepare the area (youth-holiday-camp for (or after) youth leisure activities of the municipality. It means for example clearing the place, gardening, painting, building up/taking down tents. Time of work will be 4-5 hours on four days per week, excluding Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Accommodation: Participants will live in a house with shared rooms, kitchen, bathroom, shower. Cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. will be done by the group itself. Like in each workcamp, accommodation, food and travel-costs for excursions are free as well as materials/copies needed for the lectures.

Location: Marburg is a historical and picturesque old university town, 100 km north of Frankfurt/Main. It has 82.000 inhabitants, including 25.000 students. The camp is located on a wooded hill named «Stadtwald», in a youth-holiday-camp 5 km far from the city centre. A good bus-connection allows to go to downtown.

Terminal: Train-station Marburg-Lahn; next airport Frankfurt/Main or Frankfurt-Hahn. Special requirements: As the language training is not for absolute beginners, participants must be able already to communicate in German, at least on a level which ensures daily communication (B1). Participants also must be willing to communicate with each other during the whole project in German language only. This is one important part of the concept in order to allow a big step in knowledge of language.
Because of the concept there is an extra-fee of 160,00 EUR to be paid upon arrival (or to be transferred in advance). A certificate for participating in the language-course will be given at the end of the camp.

Age: 18-26 (exceptions for older participants are possible)

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