PRO-WE1 Weingarten/Pfalz 25.07.- 14.08. 26 vols. MANU/SPORT//LANG

Language: exclusively German

Project: Host organisation is the community of Weingarten/Pfalz and the sports organisation: «Sportverein Weingarten 2007 e.V.» near Germersheim. It is a workcamp including German language training. The lectures will be daily, two hours per day (excluding Saturday and Sunday when the group will go on excursions). The basis of the lecture will be first: communication; and second: grammar. The teachers will be native speakers from University of Mainz. The language courses of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 have shown very good results.
Volunteers are assigned to 3 language courses. Therefore, indicate your language skill in your CV. A) Intermediate knowledge required (A2/B1), so that they can communicate in German with the other group members. Improvement of the existing skills is one of the goals of this course.
B) Good German knowledge required (B2/C1). The language course will be: «Deutsch für Ingenieure» with discussions on technology, natural science and mathematics.
C) Very good German knowledge required (C1) Improvement of the very good skills is one of the goals of this course.
Another goal is that the volunteers participate in sport activities. We plan sports activities, which consist for example of football training, gym, gymnastics, biking and tennis. These sports courses are open for all participants. Therefore, bring your preferred sport equipment with you! Extra in 2020: A two- day machine learning challenge with a SAP chatbot is planned. This is an event dealing with artificial intelligence. Training the bot server and some hackathon will take place in the 3rd week of the workcamp Work: Participants will also have to do various manual tasks to prepare the area around the arena. Time of work will be 4-5 hours daily, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.
Travels and sightseeing tours will be done typically in the region Rhein/Neckar.

Accommodation: will be in the main building of the Arena with several bedrooms (6-13 beds in each), kitchen, separated bathrooms and showers. Cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. will be done by the group itself. Like in each workcamp, accommodation, food and travel-costs for excursions are free, as well as materials/copies needed for the lectures. It is recommended to bring equipment for sports, e.g. swimming, football, tennis, gymnastics etc. to the workcamp.

Location: The Arena in Weingarten is close to Germersheim and Speyer, 50 km southwest of Heidelberg. It has 20.000 inhabitants, including 3.000 students. Weingarten itself has a nice Arena with sports facilities. One of our goals is that the volunteers participate in sport activities of the SV Weingarten. The camp is located approx. 10 km away from the city centre of Speyer and Germersheim. Please look to the map, there are about 15 Weingarten in Germany. Please travel to Weingarten in Pfalz! Terminal: bus station Weingarten/Pfalz and train station Lingenfeld; next airports: Karlsruhe/Baden, Frankfurt/Main, Stuttgart, Strasbourg/Alsace.

Special remark: Fee includes language course and most sports activities: 240 Euro to be paid upon arrival. Total cost for you: travel, 240 Euro plus some spare change. A returnable security deposit of 20 Euro will be charged at the beginning of the workcamp. Please send CV in the Europass Format to your organisation

Age: 18-26 (exceptions for older volunteers are possible).



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