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Pro International, es una de las organizaciones alemanas con las que colaboramos.

Who are we? Pro International a non-profit and non-governmental organisation and has been founded in 1956 in Marburg (where also our office is located), influenced by experiences during the Second World War. The main aim was and still is working for peace, bringing young people from different nationalities together in order to learn more about other social, cultural and political living conditions. We are offering workcamps (Short Term Projects) almost all over the year, mainly in summer.More at:

General information about our projects in Germany:

Concerning COVID:
As our program will start not in early summer but later, we are not going to exclude applications from some / NON-EU countries or from volunteers who need visa. In a few months things should look different – hopefully for the better.
We will confirm each project lates 1 month before it starts. Volunteers should not buy travel tickets yet (if they are not refundable). However – we hope that for the late projects (autumn) things will be clear much earlier than one month only. About necessary procedures (tests etc.) we will write in detail in our infosheets.

The group: will be international. Duration: two-three weeks.

The work: will be 20-25 hours per week (Monday till Friday).

Accommodation: will be generally in houses with all facilities, beds, sleeping-rooms, equipped kitchen, shower and toilet.

Food: will be prepared on a self-catering basis (budget available) – the groups will cook and clean themselves, by daily changing kitchen-teams.

Camp leaders: There will be 1-2 camp leaders per camp, helping to organize leisure time and excursion as well as keeping the budget. In the language-projects there will be teacher(s) in addition.

Camp language: German / English (see description)

Extra-fee: 160 EUR for those 2-weeks-workcamps with a language-study program (German); 240 EUR for 3-weeks-workcamps.

Insurance: Will be provided (illness, accident, third liability) for the period of the projects. European volunteers must bring their European Health Card. The insurance does not cover travel to and from the camp.

Info sheets (including travel information): Will be sent to partners approx. 4 weeks before the project is due to start.

Criteria for taking part in our projects

Volunteers:  must be 18 years old at least, max. 26 ,  for our language-projects: need to have already at least basic knowledge of German

Pro international workcamps 2021


PRO-L1 Marburg-Stadtwald 24.10.-06.11 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-L2 Marburg-Stadtwald 07.11.-21.11 10 MANU/LANG 18-26 German
PRO-Sedna1 Marburg-Marbach 01.08.-13.08 20 MANU/ENVI/EDU 18-26 English
PRO-Sedna2 Marburg-Marbach 15.08.-27.08 20 MANU/ENVI/EDU 18-26 English
PRO-Sedna3 Marburg-Marbach 29.08.-10.09 20 MANU/ENVI/EDU 18-26 English
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