Conserve the Sea Turtle

Theme: Sea Turtle Conservation/ Culture / Education

Camp Code: FSL WC 208,2012,2013,2014

The beaches of Kundapur are among the nesting areas of the Olive Ridley and Green Sea Turtles, in India. During the mating season, the female turtles come to shore to lay their eggs in the dead of night. These eggs are prized as a delicacy by the local people, who used to sell them in the open market. Depredations by dogs, crows and other predators, as well as infrastructure development contributed to a slow decrease in the sea turtle population.

In 2005, FSL India (Field Services & inter-cultural Learning) started our Sea Turtle Conservation Project in co-operation with the Forest Department of the Karnataka State Government, in the Kundapur taluk of Udupi District, through the implementation of VFC (Village Forest Committee) and MTCI (Maravanthe Turtle Conservation Initiative). FSL India operates the STC project over a 60 km stretch along the coastline, which is divided into 12 zones of 5 kms each with a contact person appointed for each zone.

The Camp: FSL India creates awareness for the fishermen community and schoolchildren regarding conservation of the Sea Turtle, through talks, puppet shows and mural paintings at more than 50 schools during the season. Every year, 1 Turtle Information Centre is built every 5 kms along the beach, to provide information to the local communities. Beach work and cleanups are organised on a regular basis.


  • Plastic and other non-degradable waste is a huge hazard to marine Join us on a beach walk and help clean up the surrounding beaches
  • Meet the stalwarts of the fisherman community, listen to fishing yarns, talk to them about sea turtle conservation
  • Recreate Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog and their friends, hone your skills as a puppet master, educate the locals on the importance of the sea turtle in the marine life cycle with a lively puppet show of your own
  • Paint to your heart’s content, create beautiful murals on sea turtle conservation at fisherman zone, to create public awareness
  • Help to conduct an awareness rally at the fishing harbour and classes at the nearby schools around the sea turtle area, to conduct awareness.
  • Building a Turtle Information Centre at the beach is a vital part of our campaign to create awareness on sea turtle conservation for You will learn a lot while you help others learn, as well
  • Help organise a Sand sculpture event on sea turtle conservation for the locals
  • Encourage young talent, help organise drawing and clay modelling contests for schoolchildren and reward them with prizes for the best efforts

COVID Related:
Crating awareness at fish market and harbour on H&H

Conduct mural painting in public zones on H&H

Health Education to the school children

Training Mask and sanitizer making

Construction of Hand wash basin

Session on social distancing

Conserve the Sea Turtle(cont’d)

Leisure Activities: An 82 foot statue of Anjaneya, commonly known as Hanuman, the monkey god is worth a visit, as is the Kotilingeshwara temple, an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva. Kodi beach, one of the most spectacular in Karnataka is where you can catching amazing sunrises and sunsets. Climb up the winding, spiral staircase to the lantern house to enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean and the town beyond from the lighthouse. Gangoli is situated at the confluence of 5 rivers and the harbour is a busy place where you can interact with the fisherman community. Maravanthe is unique in that the Suparnika river flows on one side of the road, with the beach on the other, the only one of its kind in India.

Kollur Mookambika and Murundeshwara temple where you can view the 2nd largest statue of Shiva, are popular pilgrim spots. Boating on the backwaters of Kundapur, visits to a cashewnut, rubber or tile factory are some interesting ways to spend your free time. You can also visit Indian families to exchange views on your cultures and participate in the cultural programs of the local community. Yakshagana, a form of folk-theatre has been practised here for the last 400 years. It is a unique blend of musical tradition, eye-catching costumes and authentic styles of dance, improvised gestures and extempore acting which is typical of this region. Do try not to miss this cultural treat.


  • Kundapur is located 440 kms north-west of Bangalore, near the Arabian sea and 91 kms north of Mangalore


  • Nearest international airports – Bangalore & Mangalore
  • Nearest railway station – Kundapur
  • Bus services available from – Bangalore, Mangalore & Goa
  • The exact meeting point is mentioned in the info sheet


At FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living, with shared rooms

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